The title says “best and fast,” so we really tried to present you with the safest and quickest scams possible. Surely robbing a bank is fast, but how many successful bank robbers are there? Hardly any. If you want to rob a bank properly, i.e. remain unknown and indulge your money immediately, that requires some serious long-term planning. The hustles listed should bring you money within minutes, or a couple of days at most if you have really bad luck. Additionally, we tried to provide you with the scams that would have low penalties if you are ever caught, or it would be hard to track them to you.

Ring scam

If you are living in a city which is a very popular tourist place, you’re very much in luck. All you need for this scam that ranked 10th on our list of best illegal hustles to make money fast are a few rings, depending on how much money you need. Living in a city with famous sites helps due to the fact tourists are usually more gullible, unprepared than the locals (though they can be your source of income, too). You take an expensive-looking ring, approach a stranger and ask: Excuse me, have you lost a ring? Is this yours?” “No” is the answer you want to hear. Then you go on explaining you’ve been trying to find the owner, but it’s just no good, and you wish to sell it for (you name the price; it shouldn’t be high). Every tourist would like to earn some money while spending so much in a foreign country, so this scheme is a success. However, should the person answer it is his/her ring, you’ve met your fellow conman.

Charity scam

Charity or donation scams are super easy and super-fast, so they are excellent candidates for making money fast with illegal hustles. Print out a few leaflets with whales, cheetahs, sick children or whatever you feel like talking/lying about, and a fake name tag. Whether you are standing in the street (at a small improvised stand, perhaps) or going door to door, you will be putting money in your pockets soon enough. Now, let’s see what’s next on our list of best illegal hustles to make money fast.

Supermarket receipts SCAM

There are two ways to do this one, depending on your situation. In this fraud, you need a supermarket receipt. You can get it either from the parking lot in front of it (opt for big supermarkets. People lose the receipts all the time) or from someone in your household. When you go to the supermarket, get the most expensive things on the list and ask to return them. Here’s a helpful tip: make sure someone calls you while you’re returning them, so you can say: ”Oh, nothing, just returning some stuff to …”. It makes the story even more plausible.

Internet auction SCAM

For this hustle, you just need a good internet connection. Go online and find some online auctions going on. Wait till they are finished, and contact the loser(s). Pretend that you have the desired object, except that the price is even lower than in the auction they had participated in. Do not make it too low, or it might sound suspicious. Next, give them an account number and wait for your money to be delivered.

Restaurant inspection scam

Your money is just a phone call away, but it has to be a phone call to an ethnic food restaurant. Why? Well, in most cases the managers or owners aren’t very fluent, or they aren’t very well introduced to all the laws and regulations in their new country. Just introduce yourself as an inspector from some government department, and ask for the urgent payment into your account. No one wants problems, so you are bound to have cash instantly.

Restaurant manager trick SCAM

As for this one on the list of best illegal hustles to make money fast, it is one of the best illegal hustles to make because you will make money fast. Do not attempt to do it unless you are confident enough. Oh, and you must wear a (smart) suit. This is the scenario: you go to a restaurant and walk to the customer eating his meal. Introduce yourself as the restaurant manager and ask for their credit card. Again, you should ooze confidence and professionalism while doing this. Once you get hold of the card, say thank you and walk out.

Scanner scam

This one sounds pretty incredible, but it’s true. It doesn’t make the top of the list of best illegal hustles to make money fast since you need a special gadget for it – an RFID reader, and someone who has some experience in using credit card numbers. This little thing is put into your pocket or bag and can read other people’s credit cards which are in their bags or pockets. The only condition is that you are close enough to the person, which isn’t as hard as it sounds if you take a walk on a busy train in a rush-hour or visit a football game. Once you are home, take the numbers and start downloading the sums or shopping.

Gullible grandparent SCAM

Our list of best illegal hustles to make money fast contains hustles that are both “best” and “fast,” and there is hardly a faster one with a minimum danger than the gullible grandparent. Simply go online and track some senior citizens on social media. Next, look for some family information and grandchildren photos. The older the victim, the better. When you find their phone number, make a call and sound urgent because their favorite grandchild is in huge danger/has had a serious accident/is in the emergency room, or something similar. The immediate treatment requires immediate cash, and they will be more than happy to give you their credit card number or do the payment themselves.


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